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Green Onion Farm

Green Onion Farm

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This jar hydroponic system is designed to re-grow leftover green onions.

It is 3D printed in PLA which is nontoxic and biodegradable.

Using a metal ring is optional.

It is recommended to cover the outside of the jar to help prevent algae growth.
This can be done with paper, tape or painting them.

The system is reusable and should be hand washed in cool water and then allowed to air dry.

Cut store bought or home grown green onions about 1-2 inches above the root. Place in the the green onion farm lid. Then place the lid in a jar of water. Plain water is fine to use however if your going to harvest the onions multiple times you may like to use a small amount of liquid nutrients.

To harvest, simply cut the tops off the green onions with a pair of scissors about 1-2 inches above the root. The green onion will continue to grow and produce food for your table.

It takes about a week to re-grow your green onions. And you should be able to harvest it at least 3-5 times before replacing them.

If using very thin green onions, use a toothpick through the side holes (cut to fit) to help hold very thin green onions in place till roots start to form.

Wide Mouth Jar is not included.

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*** Patent Pending ***

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