Radish Farm

Radish Farm

To grow from seed, cut off the end of a growing sponge and slid into the hole to suspend in water. Add enough water to touch the bottom of the sponge and add 1-2 seeds. Depending on the Radishes they will be ready to harvest in about 20 days.

Hydroponic nutrient is recommended to ensure healthy plants.

Growing from scraps
Radishes can be regrown from the top or from the roots of the plant.

To regrow the top of the radish, cut the leaves off and approximately 1-3 cm of the radish. Place the scrap in the Radish Farm and fill with enough water to just get them wet without total submerging the radish. Roots will quickly start to grow. From here you can let it continue  to regrow a radish or it can be transferred to a pot / garden.

Option two for regrowing radish is to cut the tip of the radish off with a minimum of 1 inch root. Then place in the Radish Farm. The radish will start to grow and can be transferred to a pot / garden. Or can be allowed to continue growing in the Radish Farm.
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